The violin rested in the corner, gathering dust. Grand piano sulked alone in the middle of the stage. Those dark drapes shut them from the world. Perfectly stitched musical notes of the two once filled up the entire hall. Now all they wished for was their masters to get back together, make music and put this painful hiatus to rest.


My secrets

I lie on your table. The calligraphic ink stopped abruptly as you left, keeping the pen beside me. My pages slowly flip in response to the fan’s gentle lullaby. I’m filled with your stories,secrets and desires. You know I treasure them and won’t spill them out. But I really wished there was a way you could know about my feelings, my secrets too.


I run up the stairs, bare feet feeling the cool granite. Doorknob turns smoothly, but the door let out a groan. I’m greeted by a wave of soft breeze. Stepping out with a childlike enthusiasm, I spread my arms, embracing the serenity. I look up with a smile, hear a slight rumble. Eyes slowly close as the first drops emerge. The first raindrops transpire. Erasing away all the uncertainties.




It’s sunday. She’s going to visit today. I wish I could tell her how I feel. That I have fallen in love with her, her troubles, tears and eyes. Morals and duty dictate that I shouldn’t tread this path. But something unknown is giving me strength to finally express my love today. Waiting in this confession room, I am, the Father of this Church.