What Makes Me Happy

It’s yet another New year, and fingers crossed that the world doesn’t end this year. The last few days of 2011 saw me in dumps and I was really low. And I don’t want to feel something like that ever again. While i was wallowing myself in self-pity one day, i decided to make a list of all those things that make me smile, no matter how low I feel. So, just thought of sharing a few off the list. My attempt to spread a few smiles this year 🙂 And if indeed the world is ending this year, then better live it with a smile 😀 

Hope the following things make you smile too. In no particular order, these are the things which always manage to put a smile on my face. Some calm me down, some perk me up instantly and some just leave behind a smile.

1) Chocolates – An antidote to anything that’s negative. 

2) Playing with a Pet ( I don’t have one, but even playing with the street puppies makes me immensely happy..soon will buy myself an adorable puppy)

3) Listening to music – who doesn’t feel better after this!

4) Running – makes me forget everything.

5) The sound of ocean waves – very soothing and calming

6) Playing with a baby – Show me one person who would scowl at a baby!

7) Cleaning – All those who are gaping at this, yea it does help me in a way. Somehow always lifts up my mood 😀 

 8) That re-run of a favorite comedy show/movie

9) Coffee – My favorite beverage. Even its smell perks me up!


10) Thinking about that special someone – oh yea 🙂 

11)  Friends or some random memory of nonsensical moments with them – Usually lose the track of time.

12) Reading, but of course 

13) Writing – Again, but of course!

14) A warm Hug – Can melt away any worry, atleast momentarily!

15) Walking barefoot on grass on shore – Bliss 

How many of you share a similar list? 

🙂 🙂 🙂