A little kid inspired me to write this. Wish I could tell him. Maybe some other day.


I wish to be busy. Not the corporate ladder racing, money chasing, all work no sleep kind of busy. I’d like to be busy like a child. That child who’s playfully chasing butterflies and ants, hugging and talking to the pet, getting distracted every few minutes, building imaginative castles. And at sun’s exit, finally sleeping tired, with a smile, eagerly looking forward for the next day. I wish to be busy.


I’m Posting every day in 2011!

I’ve decided I want to blog and write more. So, I decided that I will be posting on this blog once a day all of 2011, well whatever’s remaining of 2011. 😛

Not an easy feat but not impossible either. I’m sure it would be fun and challenging both at the same time. All ready to take it up. Wish me luck 🙂 

If you read my blog and like it, I hope you’ll encourage me with comments (positive and constructive criticism, both would be appreciated) and likes, and good will along the way. Keep visiting. Cheers. 🙂