The Journey

The windows rolled down

One hand casually drooping out of it

With smoke between the fingers rising up in victory

And ash accepting its defeat by bowing down

Other hand bracing the leather steering

With fingers tapping on it

To the beat of the groovy music

Dreamy eyes set on that thin line

Where the sky and road seem to marry

The foot on the metal

Pressing it hard, maybe to challenge speed

The rubber kissing the asphalt

And leaving behind trees and chaos

At an unforgiving and heartless pace

The long winding road ahead mocked me

As if it promised a hurdle every few meters

A shift in the gear, a push on the accelerator

Everything else was a blur, a vague picture

The wind howled loudly and menacingly

Only one thing was crystal clear

And only one thing really mattered

The horizon, that always fascinated me

It seemed like there were endless possibilities

Something so far away, so beyond my reach

Had to hold something far precious than my imagination

The unknown intrigued me and the known repelled

So, I continued to race against time

In a bid to step in the anonymous horizon just once

I forgot all that I selfishly left behind

As the distance piled up, the memories faded

I glanced at the rear view mirror,

They revealed faint shreds of the bygone

Regret blended with ambition and reflected in the smile

I kept on pushing the metal harder and harder

In an attempt to outrun things, people, feelings

The surroundings kept getting hazy with every second

All that mattered was in front of me, or so I thought

Just then something caught my eye, a glint faraway

The screech of the burning tires left a mark behind

Stepping out, I was greeted by a bout of indescribable beauty

I was caught off guard, how could I completely miss it

 Somewhere in the pursuit of reaching the horizon

And escaping all that I left behind for good,

Enmeshed between focusing and hurrying

I forgot to enjoy the purpose of all this – The journey.