A little kid inspired me to write this. Wish I could tell him. Maybe some other day.


I wish to be busy. Not the corporate ladder racing, money chasing, all work no sleep kind of busy. I’d like to be busy like a child. That child who’s playfully chasing butterflies and ants, hugging and talking to the pet, getting distracted every few minutes, building imaginative castles. And at sun’s exit, finally sleeping tired, with a smile, eagerly looking forward for the next day. I wish to be busy.



She repeatedly heard that ‘Justice is Blind’. She didn’t understand it. All she understood was that her father was being taken away from her, her mother cried and prayed more than usual. Sitting in this court again, filled with heavy hopes, all the innocent four-year old wanted was to rip off the ribbon from Lady Justice’s eyes so that She could see that her father wasn’t wrong.

Foster Child Speaks

I was found on the sidewalk

Wearing minimal torn clothes

They said my face was dirty

So were my hair, nails and body

Stomach was grumbling loudly

Eyes were darting in all directions

When they asked where my mommy was

I told them she told me to wait there

She went for some two days ago

I was still standing there waiting for her

She didn’t come back, she never came back

Yet my wait for her return never stopped

Because I was five and I was scared


I guess mommy forgot her way back

She was always bad with directions

These people were kind enough to

Give me something to eat and drink

I’m sure mommy sent them for me

They said there were going to take me

To some house with good people in it

Said that we’ll wait for my mommy there

I was glad that to go some place warm

Sat by the window to see when she’ll return

The good people did not seem to like me

Because they sent me away soon

I was seven and was still waiting for her


I was sent to many houses with good people

But everyone sent me out, they said I was difficult

They made me wear clothes I didn’t like

Sometimes gave me peas to eat which I hated

And sent me to a big school that I loathed

When I said I didn’t like that, they scolded me

They never answered when my mommy was returning

How can mom lose her way in such a small town

I thought of running away to look for her

Maybe these people who lived a comfortable life

Didn’t care about her absence, but I did

Why didn’t they understand that my mum was lost

I was ten and I was really confused.


I grew up a little more, faded picture became clearer

The brutal reality of mum abandoning me

Smacked me hard on my soul, I changed

Returned to the streets, tried to make sense of everything

But these people kept taking, to many more houses

They tried to reform me, I kept on rebelling

Many people opened their house for me

But they could not open their hearts

They said they wanted to take care of me

That they wanted to give me the best they could

How was I supposed to believe and trust them

My own mother left me on the street

Why would some strangers wish good for me

I was thirteen and very tired of life


Eventually everyone gave up on me

Concluded that I would never have a good life

If they really wanted me to do good and be happy

Why didn’t even one of them ask what I wanted

None of them tried to understand that

It was just not the clothes and food that I needed

A warm hug and loving words would have nourished me more

Scolding and harsh words couldn’t do

What a gentle encouraging nudge would have done

They always gave what they wanted, nothing that I wanted

Wished that they would have just understood that

Wished someone, anyone would have just noticed me

Here I am, no knowledge of my age, abandoned, yet again