From the spine of old books to each other’s tender hearts 

They gazed silently through the glossy pools molten hazel drops

The waves crashed on the conniving rocks, lapping them hungrily

Seagulls screeched loudly, fighting over the helpless fish

Pages of numerous books flipped gracefully, the breeze teasing

Yet they could hear each other thoughts, clear and loud 


They exchanged a smile, of affection and understanding  

Reaching out to the first book that came into their hands

The fingers brushed, shiver ran out the skin; another smile

It was but a familiar occurrence, delicate nevertheless

Settling on the soft vast Persian rug, speckled with books

The reading began, feet over each other, head nestled in lap


Those sparkling huge French windows kept them secluded

Carefully collecting and preserving their silent conversations

They communicated through their favourite quotes and scenarios

Found themselves searching for their beloved characters in each other

As the words became a part of their being, the pages dwindled

They lost each other in them, and found themselves in pristine realms


The lips read words written by others, revealed their passion through them

An immense wave of emotions overwhelmed them, drowned them

The red flutter of flame crackled lustily on the dry, burnt logs

Silver moon rippled through the pond, pining and longing

They were being imitated enviously by the raging fire and tranquil moon

Complimenting each other, warping the distance and illusions through words


The high walls and the grand ceiling that shielded them and their stories

Seemed like a fleeting moment of surreal fantasy, an untouched dream

It was an escape, their sanctuary, far away from the urban complexities

Where the silent glances and smiles spoke more than voluminous books

They were happy to lose themselves beneath those pages and words

Unwilling and shy to finish any chapter, see through any conclusions


They just immersed themselves, in the possibilities of the infinite,

Carefree, distant from the shackles of obscurity and triviality

Happily anonymous amongst the most popular and worshipped names

She in his shirt, his arms around her waist, leaving behind their scent

Between those crumpled pages, that would tell something more a story

It would boast and radiate the soul of their poignant story too.



The violin rested in the corner, gathering dust. Grand piano sulked alone in the middle of the stage. Those dark drapes shut them from the world. Perfectly stitched musical notes of the two once filled up the entire hall. Now all they wished for was their masters to get back together, make music and put this painful hiatus to rest.


She repeatedly heard that ‘Justice is Blind’. She didn’t understand it. All she understood was that her father was being taken away from her, her mother cried and prayed more than usual. Sitting in this court again, filled with heavy hopes, all the innocent four-year old wanted was to rip off the ribbon from Lady Justice’s eyes so that She could see that her father wasn’t wrong.


It’s sunday. She’s going to visit today. I wish I could tell her how I feel. That I have fallen in love with her, her troubles, tears and eyes. Morals and duty dictate that I shouldn’t tread this path. But something unknown is giving me strength to finally express my love today. Waiting in this confession room, I am, the Father of this Church.

Familiar Strangers


The chill made its presence felt

Fog limited everyone’s vision

Streets were deserted

Everyone was happily tucked in warm

But there was one corner

Which was a few degrees warmer

A group of people huddled together

The bonfire brought a pleasant change

The logs burned and reduced to ash

Fire flames gorged hungrily on logs

And leapt threateningly at everyone

Burned whatever came in its way

Palms encircled the bonfire

Jokes and stories were shared

Laughter echoed in the empty streets

Memories lanes were re-visited

Amidst the flames and laughter

Their eyes met

Flames reflected in them

Each pair seemed to say something

With each blink, they spoke something

A muted conversation ensued

The dancing flames added to their story

Their gazes pierced and warmed their souls

The night warned about the impending chill

Mercury dipped further and further

Huddle around the bonfire began to thin

Laughter memories jokes started to freeze

But nothing could move those strangers

Stories were pouring out of them

From their first step to that evening

All the details were shared 

The rum glasses got refilled every few moments

Somehow through those silent moments

They understood each other completely

Missing pieces finished their life’s puzzle

Tiny flame sparks played between them

Fingers entwined, smiles exchanged

Silent promises made their way through them

Each breath rejoiced the moment that passed

 Night slowly was losing its battle to day

But their journey had just started

The winter smiled embracing them

And the fire between them refused to fizzle down.