She repeatedly heard that ‘Justice is Blind’. She didn’t understand it. All she understood was that her father was being taken away from her, her mother cried and prayed more than usual. Sitting in this court again, filled with heavy hopes, all the innocent four-year old wanted was to rip off the ribbon from Lady Justice’s eyes so that She could see that her father wasn’t wrong.


Thank you mommy




Note: Some of you might find this disturbing/depressing. But I had this poem in my mind since a long time. This issue has always been close to my heart. I had a tough time writing it, as this wasn’t an easy issue to deal with. Hope all of you feel as strongly about this issue as I do, and join hands to do something to change it.

This is the voice of all those girls who didn’t get a chance to speak. This is for all those little girls.


I can hear you mommy

You sound excited, you are giggling

Can’t hear you clearly, but I know

That you are talking to me

Daddy comes too and you tell him something

He also talks to me

I, somehow, hear him more clearly

He says something about him waiting for me

You both look and sound really excited

I can feel you jumping mommy

Don’t really understand one thing

Why are there tears and smile on your face

At the same time

Maybe I’m too small to understand it

But I’m glad you are happy about my arrival

Guess its a few months of wait

Before I finally meet you and daddy

Till then, I just want to say

Thank you mommy, for welcoming me


I can hear you mommy

I listen intently to whatever you tell me

You tell me stories, you tell me secrets

Don’t worry, they will be safe with me

I hear you arguing with daddy about silly things

Something about painting the room pink or blue

I don’t even know what they are

But I hear you got a lot of toys for me

That makes me really happy

I’m getting bigger each day, and healthier

Daddy is pampering you silly, I know

I’m glad because I know he’ll do the same with me

You have such a soft touch mommy

I can feel you when you touch your belly to feel me

Can’t wait to actually be in your arms

And sleep listening to your lullabies, your touch

You kissing me good night, and watching me grow

I feel your immeasurable love and joy

Thank you mommy, for loving me so


I can hear someone else now mommy

Sounds happy, and excited

But aren’t you feeling the same

I know when you are sad; I can read your feelings

Daddy sounds upset too, somewhat angry

I think he is telling me something, dejected

What is happening, I don’t understand anything

Suddenly there is a lot of crying happening these days

Did I do something wrong, wish I could ask you

Why are you saying sorry to me, repeatedly

You aren’t talking and sharing like before

I feel lost; daddy is also not talking to me

Why did you stop decorating my room

I want to hear stories again

But tonight you share a secret with me

Maybe that will answer these desolate times

You tell me that you can’t have me

No reasons are given, just a plain sentence

Thank you mommy, for sharing with me


I don’t hear anything mommy

Except for your screams and crying

I feel I’m getting separated from you

It’s like I’m floating in space and falling

Into some sort of void, I’m helpless

Suddenly it’s too bright and loud

But I can’t open my eyes or cry

I want to see how you look like, feel like

But they aren’t taking me to you

You are somewhere close to me, I know

Why are you telling them to take me away from you

I thought you wanted me, you were waiting for me

Your cries are mellowing down

I can no longer hear you, I’m scared

There are strange voices everywhere

Someone is wrapping me tightly

Saying sorry to me, saying some prayer

And is now placing me somewhere

Thank you mommy, for crying for me


I see myself now, lying in the corner of a garbage bin

Through a window, I finally see you

You are really beautiful mommy, but tears don’t suit you

Daddy seems upset, wish I could hug him

As I bid you both farewell, I look around for some comfort

Then I see a lot of girls in their homes

Some are beaten up, made to work a lot

Others are considered as a burden, are not loved

They are bound by rules, responsibilities, cultures and traditions

I see they have dreams, but are living in despair

Why can’t they live the way that makes them happy too

The tears, unexpressed feelings and hurt

Is slowly making them numb, lose faith

Aren’t girls supposed to be loved and pampered

They burn themselves to take care of everyone

I know we are strong, can fight the world for our loved ones

Then why can’t they fight for us

I didn’t find the comfort that I was looking for

It made me really sad but happy at the same time

If this is how my life was supposed to turn out, then

Thank you mommy, for letting me go!!