Bittersweet Truth

I’ve heard many guys ask this question so many times, ‘Why do you girls take so much time to get ready? Why do you always keep us waiting?’ Well, I don’t know the answer to that question, but this is what happens behind the scenes. Sorry boys to keep you waiting but I guess you will find it in the end of the poem why we take the liberty to do that again and again and again. 😀

Psstt.. Please take it with a pinch of salt 😉

Waking up from the dreamy nap

Eyes tightly shut and a tiny smile intact

She stretches her hands wide

Gazes out of the window

Procrastinates leaving the bed

Cuddles and plays with her beloved puppy

Finally decides to quit delaying

Dramatically she puts one foot down

And then the next

Tippy-toed till the stereo

Selects her favourite song

Confused she re-considers her choice

And shuffles the playlist

Once, twice and many times more

As the beats fill up the room

She can’t help but dancing

Like a child, she’s ecstatic

Jumping to the songs’ tunes

And singing out of chord

Stepping on the cold tiles, she turns the tap on

The stomach grumbles and rampage begins

Shelves are searched, fridge is ransacked

Munching away happily, she gets lost in thoughts

The noise of overflowing water on cold tiles

Snaps her back out of the fantasies  

And thus begins the session of beauty bath

She manages to cram up everything

In that hour of bliss

Dreams about her future,

Wonders about the evening ahead

Mulls over the past

Until she realises it’s getting late

Avoiding the calls that need attention

She attacks the over-flowing wardrobe

Peels out layers of clothes

She dresses and undresses

The wardrobe’s level lowers

And that of bed increases

Finally she’s happy with the assemblage

Struts towards the footwear collection

Only to realise in horror that

Nothing, in the room full of shoes, matches

The process starts again

She undresses and dresses

The wardrobe’s level lowers

And that of bed increases

Eventually clothes and shoes match

Smile widens, eyes sparkle

Need for caffeine triggers

Back in the kitchen, fiddles with the coffee machine

A peppy song comes up

Again the prancing begins,

Coffee in one hand and stereo remote in other

She dances balancing the hot one

And continually switches songs

Till a call from him breaks the flow

He’s about to reach in a few minutes

Panic strikes, coffee spills, curses emit

The hair styling starts

Hair misbehaves, she tries to tame it

Third time lucky, the crowning glory

Decides to stay as directed

The kohl define her eyes

The shadow adds colour to them

He’s already there, waiting

She sweeps the gloss

From the depths of her bag

And adds a tinge of shine on the lips

The cell keeps on ringing

Avoiding it conveniently

She dabs perfume out of the fancy bottle

Picks out a colour she likes

And paints her nails with it

Standing and posing she scrutinises herself

When the cell rings the fifth time

Snatches her clutch and keys

Just to listen to the opinion, once again,

Of her faithful and truthful mirror

She turns back and stands in front of it

Happy with the mirror’s answers

She smiles

Blows a kiss to the pup

She races down the stairs

Smiles to herself when she sees him

Pacing, irritated, outside his car

She knew he was rehearsing his dialogues

To ‘scold’ her to keep him waiting

Mischief twinkling in her eyes

She went behind him

And softly said, ‘Sorry to keep you waiting’

Angrily he turned around

One look at her and words failed him

All that came to his lips was a smile

Brushing aside a stray hair off her eyes

He just managed to say, ‘It was worth it’

She smiled a mischievous smile

And knew just like that, 

That getting late would never be a problem ever again


What Makes Me Happy

It’s yet another New year, and fingers crossed that the world doesn’t end this year. The last few days of 2011 saw me in dumps and I was really low. And I don’t want to feel something like that ever again. While i was wallowing myself in self-pity one day, i decided to make a list of all those things that make me smile, no matter how low I feel. So, just thought of sharing a few off the list. My attempt to spread a few smiles this year 🙂 And if indeed the world is ending this year, then better live it with a smile 😀 

Hope the following things make you smile too. In no particular order, these are the things which always manage to put a smile on my face. Some calm me down, some perk me up instantly and some just leave behind a smile.

1) Chocolates – An antidote to anything that’s negative. 

2) Playing with a Pet ( I don’t have one, but even playing with the street puppies makes me immensely happy..soon will buy myself an adorable puppy)

3) Listening to music – who doesn’t feel better after this!

4) Running – makes me forget everything.

5) The sound of ocean waves – very soothing and calming

6) Playing with a baby – Show me one person who would scowl at a baby!

7) Cleaning – All those who are gaping at this, yea it does help me in a way. Somehow always lifts up my mood 😀 

 8) That re-run of a favorite comedy show/movie

9) Coffee – My favorite beverage. Even its smell perks me up!


10) Thinking about that special someone – oh yea 🙂 

11)  Friends or some random memory of nonsensical moments with them – Usually lose the track of time.

12) Reading, but of course 

13) Writing – Again, but of course!

14) A warm Hug – Can melt away any worry, atleast momentarily!

15) Walking barefoot on grass on shore – Bliss 

How many of you share a similar list? 

🙂 🙂 🙂


Something I penned down in college, a few years back.      


She looks into the mirror
And is stared back by nothing
Silently she fixes her hair and clothes 
Pastes a smile upon her face
Walks out to college
Hugs everyone she meets
Laughs at everyone’s jokes
Joins in friends’ pranks
With hollow eyes she ‘enjoys’ 
Carrying the tag of “prankster”

A quick change of clothes
Hair and shoes
She goes to meet some professionals
A firm handshake, a straight posture
Attentive nod and wise words 
Cuts off a “perfect professional” image 
From the huge cardboard of personalities!!

Walking in stilettos she enters the frame
The curtains rise to reveal a scene of a party
Between the clicks of champagne glasses
And air kisses she pays attention to the latest gossip 
Her glossed smile and lined eyes draw a “charming personality”
Carefully she selects the ‘content face mask’ of the myriad collection

As the clock ticks away
The plastic smile threatens to fall off
Hurriedly, yet gracefully she exits 
Her backless black gown perfectly hides all her secrets
Her hair dress shoes and plastic smile are tired now

She’s now facing her mirror again
A void, faceless being reflects back
She locks away her personality cardboard and mask collection
The plastic smile sits safely in a box
Her eyes focus on her lips
Which now smile a genuine smile
She praises the reflection 
On shaping yet another ‘perfect’ day
Eyes twinkling, she knows it’s all that she can be
She’s a poser
And that poser is me……